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Download a copy of the Holiday Letting System.

You can download and install an evaluation copy of HolLetSys, entirely free of charge. This comes with full documentation in the form of Windows Help files, including a tutorial and sample data.

The latest version is LetSys V4.2  A full list of enhancements is at   For existing users, this download will also allow you to upgrade your registered copy to the latest version.

Click on the link below to download the file HolLetSys4.2.exe

Once downloaded, please ensure LetSys is not running. Then run this file (you can do this by double clicking in My Computer or Windows Explorer). Follow the instructions - installation is easy.   The file has been fully virus checked.

During installation: You will be told that the publisher of this software is "unknown".  On recent versions of Windows (including Windows 7 and 10) you will see other messages designed to protect you from installing trojans or viruses. As a small software business the costs of "becoming known" (i.e. paying for a Code Signing Certificate) are prohibitive. Our software is fully virus scanned and 100% safe, but if you are at all concerned, then please give me a call (see contact details ). You could also look at some of our user's statements. I hope this will convince you we are a reputable business. Just reply Allow or Run to install the software - if you decide you don't want to keep it, you can completely remove it from the control panel (select Add/Remove programs or equivalent).

Click here to download.

This file is 2.7 Megabytes in size.  It will take just a few seconds to download on a broadband link.
SHA1 file hash E8BE0B62041CFA23FE99481DF80FC230ACE2ACCA (This can be used to check the integrity of a file).

Limitations of the evaluation version.

  • It will function for 30 days only.
  • Report functions are disabled, so you can't print reports. You can print letters, envelopes and labels.
  • You can't turn off the initial splash screen.
  • You can't run from a user other than the user that installed the evaluation version.

Otherwise the system will function as normal, and you should rapidly be able to evaluate whether it is of sufficient benefit to you for you to purchase.

Release History.

The enhancements implemented in this version are listed at The current version is 4.2 first released on 16th May 2018. A minor upgrade, was released on 15th August.

Download the free file transfer program eFTP:

If you want to take advantage of the ability of LetSys to automatically upload your availability status to a web site, you will need this free utility. You can download this utility from

Installation notes for existing users

It is essential for existing users to take a backup before installation with the Backup Tool. If you have done this we will be able to support you in the event of migration problems.

Just run the downloaded install module and follow the instructions. Please ensure LetSys is NOT RUNNING when you upgrade. There is no need to uninstall your existing version. Just install the new version "on top" of the old one. Your configuration settings and your own data will be unaffected.

Warning: If you want to return to a previous version (we are not sure why you would want to) you MUST completely remove the current version first. You cannot just install an older version "on top" of a later version. Take a backup, completely remove LetSys, and then reinstall. Otherwise modules are not correctly replaced and will be out of line.

Download a beta copy of the next version - if available.

A new version may be available for download, as a relatively untested product. You can download it and try out the new features, if you are interested. We need you to report any problems.

Beta version available here.