Last updated 11th June 2018

Erw Wen - Plans

These plans are designed to give you more information about the layout of Erw Wen. They are based on ones drawn up in 2007 when we built a new extension and remodelled downstairs, creating a new shower room, and moving the bathroom.

Ground Floor

Ground Floor

First Floor

First floor plan

NW Elevation


NoteThe plans above are based on the ones drawn up for our building work in 2007. They are reduced to fit the web page so are not to any sort of scale.

More about the 2007 extensions and refurbishment

The new extension filled in the area between the dining area and the utility room. It has large windows to make the most of the sea view. The plan above shows how Erw Wen looks from the Coastal Path (although there is a hedge across the lower left side.) The right hand section, with large windows and two Velux roof windows is the new extension.

The refurbishment involved a major change to the old downstairs bathroom, which was completely refitted and now sits in the centre of the ground floor. We created a new bedroom with an external window in the old bathroom and passage area, to replace the bunk room which had only a very poor external view.

The old conservatory/cloakroom has had new walls constructed to replace the old plastic and glass panels and has become a cloakroom and shower room. Pictures of the work are here.