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New version V4.2 released. 16 May 2018
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Newsletter 15 about release 4.2:
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(Last updated 6th December 2021)


This "Holiday Letting Software" is a fully featured holiday let management system, running on a PC. It is designed for short term vacation rental management, as appropriate to a holiday cottage. It is designed for an owner/manager who handles holiday cottage bookings, and who would like to use a Holiday Booking System to automate and simplify the management process. It is also suitable for Holiday Letting Agencies managing up to 100 properties or more.

The Holiday Letting System is designed to:

  • Allow the user to see the bookings status and availability at a glance
  • Speed up and simplify the administration involved in managing and letting a holiday home
  • Automatically produce reports, accounts, letters and financial data
  • Assist you to run mailshots (by email or post) to your customers
  • Find out how your bookings are going. For example, see forecast income, and compare your booking progress with previous years.
  • Enable you to keep booking and other data secure, up to date, and with everything in one place
  • Allow you to manage just one property or as many as 100 (or more).
  • Run entirely from your windows based computer (no internet connection needed for core functions)
  • Keep a web site (if you have one) updated with your rates and availability status and allows customer booking requests to be entered via the web. Additional web site integration is possible using the latest release.
  • Work in any currency and with any tax year, so it can be used by owners in any country and for properties all over the world
  • Reduce the risk of errors - for example by checking for overlapping dates, highlighting overdue payments and ensuring that you only enter the same data once.

You can download an evaluation version, entirely free of charge.

More details on functions are available from the benefits section.

You can see a few screen shots and learn more in the web based "demonstration".

The Holiday Letting System (referred to internally as "LetSys") has been designed exclusively for the purpose, and was, so far as we are aware, the first modern and comprehensive PC based Holiday Letting Software of its type tailored specifically to the holiday let (or vacation rental) management market. It has now been in use for more than fifteen years and has been constantly enhanced.

Users will need a PC running any recent version of Windows (see specifications for full details). We don't provide native support for Apple MAC, but a number of users do use our software on a MAC as described here by one user.

The designers themselves own and manage a holiday cottage. They initially wrote this Holiday Home Management software to simplify and speed up their own administration. Want to see their own web site? Go to

If you want to try out the software, you can download and test an evaluation copy entirely free of charge from the downloads page.

Queries.  If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to ask. Contact details are here. You can phone, or click here to send an email.

If you try the evaluation copy, we would also welcome any comments about the useability of the system or any features that you would have found useful. Please use the feedback form or send an email.

This Holiday Let Management Software has been on the market for over ten years. We have many very satisfied users. You can see some of the comments and user references here. We have owners handling the management of vacation rentals in many countries of the world, and have never had a dissatisfied user of this Holiday Letting Software.

Brendan Blake

Dr W B J Blake
88 Mount Ararat Road
Richmond, SURREY. TW10 6PN
Tel: 020-8940-7087.